Mr. Lockjaw | Original Crime Drama


Games become crimes, crimes become habit, as a children’s entertainer is driven to torture by the sinister desires of his dummy alter ego, Mr. Lockjaw. Show trailer, info, and streaming links. In association with Aegis Pictures. 2015.

About Mr. Lockjaw

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A ventriloquist with mundane aspirations of becoming a children’s entertainer becomes subject to his dummy’s more sinister desire: interrogating and torturing criminals for the mob.

There are two sides to every story, and Mr. Lockjaw takes this literally. A children’s entertainer by day, ventriloquist Miles Brimley moonlights as an information extractor for the criminal world run by the infamous Herbaldus Hercolani.

With a lead character reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the series takes viewers into a splintered world of a duplicitous characters struggling between the light and dark. More than just a crime drama, it raises the ultimate human question: which side is really you?

It is the story of a man surrounded by, and involved in, murder, criminal activity and corruption, but at the heart of it all he is seeking out the simple pleasures of life that most take for granted. His struggle is to survive his environment, his enemies, and most of all, the demands of his alter-ego, the larger-than-life puppet named Mr. Lockjaw. Filled with dry wit and glib satire, the show is not a comedy per se, but rather a dark spotlight that illuminates the ugliest side of our existence, while still recognizing the innate humor of the concept.

Mr. Lockjaw uses its just South of realism premise to open up twisted possibilities that couldn’t be done on a more grounded show. The more ordinary characters stand in for the audience as observers of the increasingly pulpy interrogation methods of Mr. Lockjaw. Every episode delivers another water-cooler moment of bizarre deaths, unforeseen twists, and memorable quips that could only emerge from a deranged dummy’s mouth.

In a world of duality, Mr. Lockjaw gleefully licks both sides of the double-edged sword.

Written by Justin Craig
Directed by Byron Conrad Erwin
Starring Troy Halverson as Miles and the voice of Mr. Lockjaw.

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